About me

There is not much to say about me as a part-time photographer. I am neither a professional, nor could I list up an impressing number of exhibitions or sold pictures. I just do it for fun. In fact I am very fortunate to be happily employed in the IT sector so that photography remains a luxurious hobby.

Since having turned 9, after I received a Minolta pocket camera for 110 format films as a birthday present, I have taken pictures. Later on my father - being much into photography himself - left his Canon SLRs to me whenever he upgraded to a newer model. Eventually I owned a Canon AE-1, T70 and a T90, which I mainly used for travel photography.

However photography first started to become my number one hobby when I entered the digital era with a Nikon D70s and made the step into the world of discussion forums about photography. An expensive step, I have to admit. At that time I lived in beautiful Norway and learned to love both Norwegian landscape and Scandinavian jazz music. It's not really surprising "landscape" and "concerts" became my favourite photographic themes. When looking through my pictures showcased on this site, you'll observe these two genres command the majority of all content.

Lately I made the first steps into street photography. This started when I decided to scale down my Nikon FX gear and stepped into Fuji's X system as a smaller and light weighted (thus outstanding in terms of quality) alternative to heavy and bulky Nikon bodies and lenses. So far I haven't switched completely but the majority of last year's photos has been taken with my Fuji cameras, not the Nikon.

On this site I would like to show both a portfolio of my best pictures (or at least my personal favourites) as well as collections of shots taken recently. Whenever I feel there is a story to tell I will do so in the blog area. If you'd like to get in contact with me you'll find my address on the contact page.

Finally some words on why this site is published in English and not in my mother tongue German. In fact it's easy: from my time abroad I know a lot of persons who wouldn't understand German, while virtually every German I know does understand at least some English. Thus for me English appeared to be the best choice for this site. :)